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Welcome to Vital Sign Monitors For We are the largest direct to business refurbished vital sign monitor provider. Please review the current inventory of vital sign monitors for sale and if you are interested then please fill out our request a quote form.

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Mindray PM9000 Express Vital Signs Monitor

The Mindray PM9000 Express Vital Signs Monitor has a 12.1" color TFT display and uses infrared absorption to mea...

GE Carescape V100 Vital Signs Monitor

A fast, versatile Dinamap Monitor, The GE Carescape V100 Vital Signs Monitor can be used either for continual patient...

Criticare nGenuity 8100E Patient Monitor

Criticare Systems had offered high performance medical devices since 1984. The Criticare nGenuity 8100E Patient Monit...



Bionet, established in 1999, works under the company slogan of \\"Enhancing Healthcare Service.\\" Bionet has focused on meeting the needs of healthcare specialists and patients with their excellent line of medical products.

Cardiac Science

Headquartered in Bothell, WA, Cardiac Science is devoted to finding noninvasive ways to manage heart disease. Cardiac Science distributes medical devices on a global level and has customers in over 100 countries.


Based in Wisconsin, Criticare Systems Inc. is an international manufacturer of medical devices. Criticare specializes in the design of patient monitoring systems used in critical care, outpatient care and medical transport settings.


Established in 1995, Edan Instruments, Inc. is one of China\\'s premiere developers of medical devices. Edan\\'s distribution network serves over 120 countries around the world and that figure is growing every day.


Midmark is rapidly becoming a worldwide leader in products and service for the healthcare specialist. Their products are known for their value, durability and effectiveness in the treatment of patients.


Since 1991, Mindray has developed and supplied innovative products to improve the patient experience. Mindray medical products are used by thousands of caregivers in hospitals and physicians\\' offices.


Nonin Medical is a privately owned company that has served medical professionals and their patients for over 20 years. Nonin has provided physiological monitoring solutions with their innovative, well-designed medical equipment.


Schiller has set a new standard for worldwide manufacturers of medical devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics. Schiller develops and supplies products ranging from defibrillators to diagnostic systems.


Smiths Medical is a global leader in developing and distributing medical devices for hospitals, emergency rooms and homes. Smiths offers several easily recognizable brands and has manufacturing centers in the US, Mexico and Italy.


SunTech Medical has been a premiere supplier of blood pressure monitoring systems and technologies for over twenty years. SunTech is located in North Carolina and distributes their products internationally.


Venni Instruments is one of the top wholesale retailers of medical devices. Venni specializes in vital sign monitors and accessories but also designs and supplies a wide range of medical related products.

Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn has developed and provided innovative healthcare products for nearly 100 years. Since 1915, Welch Allyn has researched technologies that will benefit patients and physicians on the frontline of care.

Medical Monitors


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Wireless Vital Signs Monitor


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Hospital Vital Signs Monitor


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The sometimes amazing advancements in medical device technology not only bring online the latest in innovative devices, they also make it easier for customers to be more interested in obtaining refurbished vital sign monitors and related items. At Vital Sign Monitors For Sale, we have worked diligently to assume our role as the largest direct to business provider of rehabilitated vital sign monitors.

Our inventory of refurbished vital sign monitors include many that were made by some of the world's most experienced manufacturers. Companies like Bionet, CARDIAC Science, Criticare and EDAN Instruments are included in our inventory of refurbished medical monitoring devices. We keep track of the vital sign monitoring market in order to make sure clients who need a particular device won't have to look any further than our name to fill their needs.

Medical devices, including those that monitor vital signs, are precision-made by companies that understand there is no room for error in what they produce. That same attitude is displayed by our own refurbishing experts. They know their finished product will play a vital role in helping the doctor/patient dynamic proceed on a successful basis. Nothing else is acceptable.

Over the second life of a refurbished monitoring device, our technicians will be on hand to help should any machine we sold develop some problem. This rarely happens, but our reputation rests on what we provide clients and that dictates careful attention to the performance of devices we sell that figure heavily into a person's ability to realize better health. Refurbished monitoring equipment often rivals the brand new devices if only because the parts most likely to need attention have already been replaced, the rest of the device has proven itself completely reliable.

Hospitals and clinics, faced with an economy that resists recovery, fortunately can rely on refurbished monitoring equipment to keep their facilities running smoothly, with no patient failing to receive adequate treatment because some equipment was not available. By the same token, those medical facilities able to trade in used equipment, including monitoring devices, are handing over to Vital Sign Monitors For Sale a batch of seasoned equipment that we can make like new, or even better.

No doubt, medical device technology continues to produce more efficient, more reliable instruments. Much of the new technology overlaps what is already available, leaving companies like ours in position to take on the rehabilitation of used, but with many years of good service ahead, monitoring devices.

We offer the finest in refurbished monitoring devices, backed by our guarantee that any equipment we sell works as advertised. Don't confuse used devices with refurbished monitors. Used devices generally don't come with any kind of guarantees. They are simply used equipment that may be well taken care of, but lacks the thorough overall refurbished devices receive as a matter of course. Our refurbished monitors can be purchased for considerably less than new models cost, and you can count on the same efficiency. See as at