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One of the world's leading solar scientists, Dr. Zhengrong Shi, founded SunTech in 2001. Since that time, SunTech has become the largest producer of silicon solar modules in the world. By providing off-grid systems it has developed the world's largest solar power plants.

SunTech operates in over 80 counties worldwide and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. There are 13 regional offices including San Francisco, California; Schaffhausen, Switzerland; and, Wuxi, China. Manufacturing plants are located in Japan, the US, and China. The newest plant opened recently in Goodyear, Arizona.

Highly trained manufacturing experts follow strict guidelines to produce the most advanced products in the world. All factories are state-of-the-art and production is 1-Gigawatt capacity which makes SunTech the largest manufacturer of solar products at an affordable price.

Solar cells undergo a chemical micro-texturing process to improve their ability to capture sunlight. The high conversion solar cells are efficiently produced using manufacturing techniques that make SunTech the industry leader.

Module assembly matches the solar cells with similar electrical characteristics to minimize the loss of efficiency. The durable corrosion-resistant framework holds the durable water-tight product with weather-proof electrical components. The modules are laminated to withstand the forces of nature.

Cell and module production includes 52 tests to ensure that the excellence standards are being met. The rigorous final test ensures that the customer is getting the highest quality product. SunTech has received many awards worldwide to recognize its excellent products and high standards.

The newest product is the Pluto Cell Technology. It was developed at the University of New South Wales as a project called PERL. SunTech spent six years in research and development to produce the Pluto cells, also called HiPerformance Solar Module. The Pluto texturing process creates improved light absorption even in low-light areas.

SunTech offers solutions for both commercial and residential customers. San Francisco, California has committed to reducing its carbon footprint. The first step was to install solar panels at the international airport.

By installing solar panels on homes and in residential areas, the homeowner can save thousands on electrical bills yearly. An unheard of 25 year warranty on the residential solar panels gives the owner peace of mind that the panels will not need to be replaced frequently.

People worldwide are beginning to realize that the burning of coal and fossil fuels to create electricity is not only costly and inefficient, it is creating greenhouse gasses that are destroying the environment. Large scale projects are taking place everywhere. In Murcia, Spain the new 5 MW solar power plant is producing more electricity than city officials originally thought it would. Not only are they reducing their carbon footprint, but they are serving as a model for the entire world.

A strong network of dealers throughout North America is capitalizing on the fastest growing part of the construction industry. The wide assortment of solar panels creates interest both in the commercial and residential markets. Entire cities are embracing the solar technology.