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Current Vital Sign Monitor Manufacturers


Bionet is a provider of high quality medical products and services that was formed in the year 1999. The company's focus is on telemetry solutions, which are based upon using a network interface among bio-signal measuring devices. Bionet offers its products throughout the world market.

In the field of medicine, Bionet offers two different models of electrocardiograph, or ECG, devices. These are the CardioTouch 3000 and the CardioCare 2000. Both of these devices have access to free software known as the EKG Plus II Interface Software, which allows a user to view results and control the ECG with Windows. Bionet also manufactures the BM3 Plus patient monitors and the FC 1400 and FC 700 fetal monitors.

In the veterinary field, Bionet offers a number of patient monitors. These include the BM5 Vet, BM3 Vet, BM1 Vet, and the Oxy9 Vet Plus devices.

Bionet's international approach has led the company to establish offices in a number of locations. Its international headquarters are located in Seoul, Korea, while its European office is based out of Berlin, Germany. In China, Bionet has an office in the city of Beijing, while the company's North American office is based in Tustin, California.

Cardiac Science

The Cardiac Science Company was first established in 1913 by two people F.F. Burdick and F.A. Anderson. They were credited with developing the infrared lamp and were instrumental in the development of electrocardiograph technology. It was in 1953 that Wayne Quinton and Robert Bruce came up with the steps for cardiac testing while the heart beats at an elevated rate. Wayne Quinton is said to have designed the treadmill that is used during the stress test. In 1991 Cardiac Science became incorporated to help come up with the rhythm analysis programming that led to the development of the defibrillator.

Today the Cardiac Science Company still holds the brand of the ECG technology. They are still involved with technology developments that are changing the face of medical procedures. After buying Survivalink and its other offices, Cardiac Science, Inc. pulled them all together under one name, Powerheart, and they currently hold 80 patents in the medical technology field. Cardiac Science is based out of Bothell, WA and has various international locations that enable them reach worldwide in medical science development. They develop and make products designed to enhance the health of a person's heart.


Criticare Systems is a worldwide provider of medical devices, as well as a subsidiary of Opto Circuits Ltd. The company was established in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1984 and distributes its products through a global distribution and sales network. While the United States corporate headquarters of Criticare Systems are located in Wisconsin, the corporate headquarters of Opto Circuits Ltd. in India are located in the city of Bengaluru.

Criticare Systems develops and manufactures patient monitoring systems and accessories that are used for outpatient care, critical care, anesthesia, and medical transport. These include devices for anesthesia respiratory care, pulse oximetry, and measuring vital signs.

Criticare's anesthesia respiratory care devices include the 8500H POET IQ and the 8500H POET IQ2 models. The company's pulse oximeters are offered in the 503DX miniSpO2T and 504DX models, both of which are compact and ideal for spot-check monitoring or continuous patient monitoring.

To record basic and advanced patient data, Criticare offers a full line of vital signs monitors, which include the 8100H nCompass, 8100E nGenuity, 8100E1 nGenuity, 506DN eQuality, and the 506N3 VitalCare Series devices. All of these medical instruments feature printable sheets and office management software capability, as well as language options.


Edan Instruments opened its doors in 1995, with a home base of operations located in Shenzhen, China. In 2002, Edan expanded its sales scope to include countries outside of China.

Products that Edan Instruments currently manufactures include fetal heart monitoring equipment, resting and exercise electrocardiographs, pulse oximeters, vital sign monitoring equipment, transcranial dopplers, vascular dopplers, portable ultrasound machines and full-size ultrasound machines. Edan produces electrocardiographs, patient monitoring systems and ultrasound scanners for veterinary clinics. Edan Instruments also sells accessories like ultrasound gel, recording paper for monitoring equipment, electrodes, probes and cables.

The company offers training sessions which cover the maintenance of Edan Instrument products, along with repair guidance for specific product lines. Edan offers commercial clients a standard one-year warranty that is in effect on the date the product ships. A client may pay extra to extend a product warranty beyond the one-year term. Edan Instruments provides troubleshooting advice via email or phone.

As of 2011, Edan Instruments maintains 23 office locations in China and has forged a network with over 1,000 product distributors. The company sells its products to hospitals in China and medical facilities located in 120 other countries.


Midmark Corporation is a global manufacturer and distributor of health care and diagnostic products, as well as software. The company was formed under the name The Cummings Machine Company in 1915 and changed its name to Midmark Corporation in 1978. It offers its products in medical, dental, and veterinary markets throughout the world.

The medical products offered by the Midmark Corporation include ECG and vital sign machines, seats, manual examination tables, carts and cabinets, workstations and lights for exams and surgeries. The company's dental products include operatory cabinetry, dental delivery units, oral surgery products, dental chairs, lighting, air compressors, and vacuums. In the veterinary field, Midmark offers monitoring and critical care devices, breathing bags, anesthesia machines, and endotracheal tubes.

Midmark Corporation's corporate headquarters are located in Versailles, Ohio. Additional domestic offices are located in the California city of Gardena, the Illinois city of Lincolnshire, Glasgow, Kentucky, and Tampa, Florida.

Midmark also has a number of international offices. In the United Kingdom, Midmark has an office in the city of Surrey. In France, Midmark operates out of the city of Ernee. In Italy, Midmark is based out of Quattro Castella, and in India the company operates out of Mumbai.


Mindray Medical International is the largest medical equipment manufacturer in all of China. The company manufactures and develops a wide range of medical devices, accessories, and equipment for use in both human and veterinary treatments. Mindray was founded in Shenzhen, China in the year 1991 and distributes its products all over the globe.

Mindray organizes its product offerings under three product divisions which are patient monitoring and life support systems, medical imaging systems, and in-vitro diagnostic products.

In the patient monitoring and life support systems division, Mindray sells and manufactures biotelemetry systems, multi-parameter patient monitors, ECG machines, defibrillators, anesthesia delivery systems, and hospital beds.

Mindray's medical imaging systems are portable and card based. These systems include mobile ultrasound systems, as well as a variety of transducers.

The in-vitro diagnostic products offered by Mindray Medical International are designed to analyze urine, blood, and other bodily fluids and provide data for clinical diagnosis and treatment. These products include biochemistry analyzers, reagents, hematology analyzers, a microplate washer, and a microplate reader.

Mindray's corporate headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China, while its North American headquarters are located in Mahwah, New Jersey. Additional offices are located in Washington and Latin America.


Nonin is a medical equipment company that specializes in the production of noninvasive tools to monitor vital signs in both pediatric and adult patients, as well as veterinary medicine. The company produces pulse oximeters, capnographs, sensors, software and accessories to accurately monitor oxygen concentrations in general, as well as specialized medical situations. They are based in Plymoth, Minnesota, with an acquired affiliate in Sweden. They are a privately owned company established in 1986.

Nonin products are used around the world in hospitals, medical clinics and by emergency medical services. They offer reliable, state of the art equipment to quickly and accurately assess vital signs in a variety of situations. They offer excellent customer support, top of the line technology and award winning products and innovations. Their EQUANOX, PureSAT, MedAir and eHealth products deliver solutions that work in today's medical settings. Nonin is one of the fastest growing medical device manufactures around today, and have been dedicated to quality growth and innovation for over 20 years. Nonin Medical AB offers its full line of compact, portable and convenient noninvasive vital sign monitoring equipment at competitive prices to provide solutions to your medical equipment needs.


Alfred E. Schiller founded Schiller in the year 1974. Since its inception, the company has grown into one of the world's leading suppliers of spirometers, patient monitors, medical IT solutions, external defibrillators, blood pressure recorders, and electrocardiographs.

Schiller's cardiopulmonary devices include resting ECG, exercise ECG, veterinary ECG, spirometry, and ergospirometry machines. Its defibrillation machines include public access defibrillators, as well as models for general practitioners and emergency services.

The patient monitoring systems offered by Schiller include emergency transport, telemetry, pulse oximetry, and MRI compatible systems. In the field of ergometry, Schiller offers a full range of ergometers, including bicycle ergometers, couch ergometers, hand ergometers, and treadmill ergometers.

Schiller also offers Holter blood pressure and stress test blood pressure machines, as well as diagnostic data management and defibrillator management IT solutions.

Schiller's corporate headquarters are located in Baar, Switzerland. In the United States, Schiller has offices in the Florida cities of Doral and Miami. Since the company supplies its medical equipment to locations all across the globe, it has a number of international offices as well. These include offices in Iceland, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Russia, Africa, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Pakistan, and Australia.


Smiths Medical is a division of the Smiths Group, a global engineering company that is listed as a FTSE 100 UK based company. As such, Smiths Medical is a leading supplier of medical devices and equipment for global markets. Smiths Medical therefore offers up to 12 recognizable brands: Deltec, Mendex, Portex, Cozmore, CADD, Wallace, BCI, Jelco, Surgivet, Medfusion, Pneupac, and Level 1.

The history of Smiths Medical dates back to 1940. It was during the London Blitz that Portland Plastics was established to research the use of plastics in the medical field. In 1957 Smiths moved in and acquired Portland Plastic. Later, during the 1960s they established new premises in Hythe and changed their name to Portex, and since then have gone from strength to strength. During the 70s Smiths Group was awarded two Queen Awards for exports and technical achievement.

The company is based in London, UK, and has an estimated 7,500 employees. It has manufacturing bases in the UK, Mexico, Italy, and the US. As such, today Smiths Medical has a global outreach, and their product portfolio could become the first choice in the medical technology industry in the foreseeable future.

Sun Tech

Sun Tech Medical has worked hard to foster a reputation as a global leader for supplying clinical grade blood pressure monitoring devices and related technologies. Our company, based in North Carolina's Triangle Park, provides more than 75 companies with non-invasive blood pressure monitoring equipment that patients can use with confidence.

We produce the cardiac stress test blood pressure monitor that is acclaimed around the world as the ultimate in its field. Sun Tech also is the international leader in making ambulatory blood pressure monitoring equipment. This pattern of assuming a global leadership in various aspects of blood pressure monitoring devices attests to our determination to develop new products and technologies that make patients feel more secure just by using our equipment.

For more than 20 years, Sun Tech has operated with the idea that we will treat our clients as we wish they would treat us. That means keeping open the lines of communications; providing equal opportunities; and, maintaining an open mind towards diversity. By forming partnerships with different success-oriented companies, we provide avenues for obtaining direct access to the latest developments in non-invasive, continuous blood pressure devices. Learn more about us at


Venni Instruments is a fast growing medical supply retailer and wholesale distributor of innovative medical monitoring equipment. Based out of Melville New York, Venni Instruments has been in business since 2009. It supplies medical monitoring equipment to clinics and hospitals all over the world.

Venni Instruments has a reputation for its products of superior quality and outstanding customer service. Customer service representatives and product specialists are available and happy to assist customers in choosing the products that will best meet their specific patient needs. Customization of products is often available. Product specialists will work with you to customize products according to your clinic or hospital needs.

Venni Instruments is a distributor of high quality and cost effective medical equipment, specializing in vital sign monitors and accessories. Products include a range of pulse oximeters and multi-parameter monitors, as well as central station monitors and devices for 8-32 beds and main nursing stations.

Venni Instruments are top-notch. The company stands behind its product reliability with a no-nonsense warranty on all monitoring products.

Considering purchasing patient monitoring equipment for a clinic or hospital? Think Venni Instruments for excellence in equipment and customer service.

Welch Allyn

Dr. Francis Welch and William Allyn founded Welch Allyn in 1915. The company originally operated out of Rochester, NY and had one initial product offering, a portable ophthalmoscope that allowed physicians to examine and diagnose diseases that affect the human eye.

As of 2011, Welch Allyn maintains North American corporate offices in New York and Oregon, in addition to a corporate office in Ontario, Canada. Welch Allyn also has multiple global offices located in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Greece, Poland, Sweden, England, Australia, and Germany.

Welch Allyn has expanded its product line since the company's inception to include blood pressure management equipment, stethoscopes, thermometers, hospital patient monitoring systems, endoscopy equipment, weight management tools, and gynecological examination tools. This company also provides exam room and surgical lighting sets for physicians and hospitals. In addition to providing equipment and tools to assist the medical community, Welch Allyn also manufactures basic examination and diagnostic equipment for professionals in the veterinary and dental hygiene fields, in addition to replacement light bulbs, tubing, blood pressure cuffs, and equipment batteries.

Welch Allyn sells its products through authorized equipment distributors located around the world. The company ships its medical equipment to all seven continents, including Antarctica.

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