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Smiths FingerPrint 3401-000 Vital Signs Monitor

The Smiths FingerPrint 3401-000 Vital Signs Monitor puts a quality vital signs monitor in your palm. This unit provides ...

Smiths Digit 3420Y Vital Signs Monitor

The Smiths Digit 3420Y Vital Signs Monitor provides reliable pulse oximetry. Compact and durable, this pocket-sized vita...

Smiths Mini-Torr Plus 6004-000 Vital Sign Monitor

The Smiths Mini-Torr Plus 6004-000 Vital Sign Monitor provides a non-invasive blood pressure monitor as well as the perf...

Capnocheck II With Battery And Charger

The Capnocheck II with battery and charger is an essential vital sign monitor for every medical professional. It is ligh...

Smiths Capnocheck II 8401 Vital Signs Monitor

The versatile Smiths Capnocheck II 8401 Vital Signs Monitor is capable of providing capnography alone or combining it wi...

Smiths Capnocheck Plus 9004000 Vital Signs Monitor

The Smiths Capnocheck Plus 9004000 Vital Signs Monitor can be used beside patient beds, as a stand-alone piece of equipm...

Smiths Advisor 9200 Vital Signs Monitor

To take good care of your patients, monitoring their vital signs is an essential task. Smith's Medical produces t...

Smiths BCI 3180 Vital Signs Monitor

The Smiths BCI 3180 Vital Signs Monitor offers solid quality and excellent value for standard oximetry needs. A stand-al...

Smiths BCI 3301 Vital Signs Monitor

Smiths leads the world in handheld pulse oximetry technology, and the quality of the Smiths BCI 3301 Vital Signs Monitor...

Smiths SPECTRO2 10 Vital Signs Monitor

The Smiths SPECTRO2 10 Vital Signs Monitor is designed to provide primary care medical professionals a quality vital sig...

Smiths SPECTRO2 20 Vital Signs Monitor

The Smiths SPECTRO2 20 Vital Signs Monitor can be trusted to perform to the most exacting quality standards no matter ho...

Smiths SPECTRO2 30 Vital Signs Monitor

The Smiths SPECTRO2 Vital Signs Monitor utilizes BCI Autocorrelation Technology to ensure a reliable reading in any situ...

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Hospital Vital Signs Monitor


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Smiths Medical is a top manufacturer and supplier of medical devices. Founded in 1940, this multimillion dollar company has over 7,500 employees. The products available at Smiths Medical are designed for hospitals, emergency rooms, and home use. The company has offices in Minnesota (worldwide headquarters), Massachusetts, and the United Kingdom. Smiths Medical features 12 popular brands including Deltec, Medfusion, Jelco and Wallace.

The company offers a variety of products ranging from veterinary equipment to OEM medical products and medical grade tubing. Customers can buy products specifically designed for military and homeland defense use. Smiths Medical provides health care professionals with disposable anesthesia breathing systems, blood glucose monitors, and pulse oximeters. These medical instruments can be used in adult critical care, surgeries, pain management, assisted reproduction, diabetes, and oncology.

Smiths Medical offers emergency health care solutions for military defense, including ergonomically designed resuscitators, laryngeal masks, and hand pulse oximeters that are easy to read in poor light. The company manufactures premium quality products for industrial use as well. The selection consists of aspirators, adapters, and spigots made to the highest quality standards.

For veterinarians, Smiths Medical provides anesthesia and monitoring equipment. It also carries endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes for the equine market. The company is a leading supplier of OEM medical products for pressure monitoring, temperature management, interventional imaging, and tracheostomy.

Smiths Medical works with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to create state-of-art medical equipment for preclinical and clinical research. The line of products includes respiratory equipment, monitoring equipment, vascular access devices, and infusion pumps. The specialists who work at Smiths Medical are able to provide health care professionals with clinical and technical support.

At Smiths Medical, customers have access to a premium selection of products for gastroenterology departments, recovery rooms, and intensive care units. They can order multi-parameter monitors with an intuitive interface and large display, pulse oximeters featuring an easy-to-use menu structure and plethysmographic waveform, and capnographs designed for lab-based sleep studies and sleep screenings.

The company provides medical instruments with proven results in assisted reproduction, including ultra-sound visible needles for sampling amniotic fluids, artificial insemination catheters designed to optimize the chances of conception, and various devices that help prevent uterine displacements. For pain management, Smiths Medical has epidural anesthesia trays available in a wide range of standard configurations, and procedural trays for lumbar puncture. Clinicians can buy single and multi-parameter devices, as well as other medical instruments that measure exhaled carbon dioxide, blood pressure, and temperature. These products are not only easy-to-use, but affordable too.

Smiths Medical provides clients with a variety of resources such as training videos and educational programs. The company promotes instructor-led and distance learning activities designed to help health care professionals improve their skills. Physicians and nurses have access to medical training videos and DVDs. They can also read brochures offering detailed information about the medical products manufactured by this company. Make sure you check out the Newsroom to find which events and exhibitions Smiths Medical will be attending in the near future.