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Bionet BM1Vet Vital Signs Monitor

Weighing less than 2.5 pounds, the Bionet BM1Vet Vital Signs Monitor travels easily for emergency care. It measures Sp0...

Bionet BM3 Plus Vital Signs Monitor

The Bionet BM3 Plus Vital Signs monitor is a lightweight vital sign monitor designed for mobility. The Bionet BM3 Plus m...

Bionet BM3Vet Vital Signs Monitor

Made by one of the industry\\'s most trusted producers, the Bionet BM3Vet Vital Signs Monitor is an easy-to-read, u...

Bionet BM3Vet Next Vital Signs Monitor

The Bionet BM3Vet Next Vital Signs Monitor is a compact monitoring device made to be used in any veterinary clinic. This...

Bionet BM3Vet Plus Vital Signs Monitor

The Bionet BM3Vet Plus Vital Signs Monitor is essential for every veterinarian. The vital signs monitor is lightweight a...

Bionet BM5VET Vital Signs Monitor

The Bionet BM5VET Vital Signs Monitor measures temperature, respiration, NIBP, SpO2 and ECG. Each reading is displaye...

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Bionet, a world leader in manufacturing high-quality medical products and telemedicine for both the medical and veterinarian professions, was established in 1999. Bionet's international headquarters is located in Seoul, Korea. The President and CEO of Bionet, is Dong Joo Kang, Ph.D. He is based in Seoul, Korea. Bionet's organizational chart is broken down into three main groups: Sales, Research & Development and Manufacturing.

Bionet corporate headquarters is located in Tustin, CA. Bionet also has other international offices which are located in Germany, China and the United States. Bionet distributes its products via a very long list of distributors that are located across the United States. Distributors are responsible for distributing Bionet products to physicians and hospitals everywhere.

Bionet is committed to developing high-quality bio-signal and telemetry devices that allow doctors to remotely measure and monitor patients. Telemetry is the technology that medical professionals use to remotely measure and monitor patients. With all the recent advancements in technology, medical professionals are expected to begin relying more heavily on remote monitoring solutions in the years to come.

Bionet is a pioneer in the world of telemedicine and telemetry. Bionet is involved in extensive research and development of bio-signal measuring devices that can be used in connection with telemetry systems. The world of medicine is advancing at rapid rates and Bionet is paving the road for high-quality bio-medical telemedicine products that allow doctors to remotely monitor patients in a variety of settings. Bionet is even developing products that allow patients to be monitored while in the comfort of their own home.

Bionet has recently expanded its market share with the introduction of patient and fetal monitors. The company will be expanding into the areas of fetal and patient remote monitoring and home telemetry in the years to come. There is expected growth in these areas as the demand for medical telemedicine evolves.

Bionet guarantees its products and has received FDA approval and complies with ENI ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 international standards. The main products Bionet manufacturers use are ECGs, Patient and Fetal Monitors. Bionet offers its products to medical and veterinarian professionals. Bionet manufactures three ECG, the Cardio Touch 3000, Cardio Touch 2000, EKG Plus II interface Solution. In addition to all of the traditional ECGs Bionet manufactures, Bionet is also responsible for monitoring the first 12ECG.

Some of the main features of the Cardio Touch 3000 are its 12 channel printout, touch-screen technology, built-in memory, ECG filing system and low maintenance cost. Some of the main features of Bionet's Cardio Touch 2000 are its 12 channel resting ECG, ECG Interpretation, Full Size paper and low maintenance costs.

Bionet also manufactures patient monitors. Bionet manufactures the BM3 Plus, a patient monitor for use by medical professionals. Bionet manufacturers the BM5Vet, BM3VetNext, BMVetPlus/BM3Vet, BM2Vet, B-Link Interface Software and OxyGvet Plus for use by veterinarians.

Bionet continues to distribute all of its bio-signal products and telemetry services through all of its distributors.