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Mindray BeneView T1 Vital Signs Monitor

The challenges of patient monitoring during transport require a high quality vital signs monitor that can be trusted to ...

Mindray iPM-9800 Vital Signs Monitor

When a quality vital signs monitor is needed in all areas of critical care and anesthesia, it is the trusted Mindray iPM...

Mindray MEC-1000 Vital Signs Monitor

Making an investment in the Mindray MEC-1000 Vital Signs Monitor is an excellent way to ensure that all patient needs ar...

Mindray MEC-1200 Vital Signs Monitor

When choosing a vital signs monitor for a small medical office or a new set of hospital rooms, the Mindray MEC-1200 Vita...

Mindray MEC-1200Vet Vital Signs Monitor

Using the Mindray MEC-1200Vet Vital Signs Monitor is a wise decision for any medical facility that needs the ability to ...

Mindray PM-50Vet Vital Signs Monitor

The Mindray PM-50Vet Vital Signs Monitor is a compact high-quality instrument that is very light and compact. The vital ...

Mindray PM-60Vet Vital Signs Monitor

PM-60VetThe PM-60Vet Vital Signs Monitor is a high quality, reliable instrument that measures vital signs like the pulse...

Mindray PM-7000 Vital Signs Monitor

The Mindray PM-7000 Vital Signs Monitor may be used with all patients from neonate through pediatric and adult. Its reli...

Mindray PM-8000 Express Vital Signs Monitor

Its simple design, affordability and compact size make the Mindray PM-8000 Express Vital Signs Monitor the choice of a v...

Mindray PM50 Vital Signs Monitor

Mindray is a leader in the vital signs monitor industry. The Mindray PM50 vital signs monitor is lightweight and compact...

Mindray PM60 Vital Signs Monitor

The Mindray PM60 Vital Signs Monitor, with its protective cover and carrying case, is the perfect solution for any medic...

Mindray PM9000 Express Vital Signs Monitor

The Mindray PM9000 Express Vital Signs Monitor has a 12.1" color TFT display and uses infrared absorption to mea...

Mindray PM9000VET Vital Signs Monitor

Established in 1991, Mindray specializes in medical devices, vital sign monitors and in-vitro diagnostic products. Th...

Mindray VS800 Vital Signs Monitor

The Mindray VS800 Vital Signs Monitor is ideal for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. This device has a smart de...

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Founded in 1991 in Shenzhen, China, Mindray is one of the largest manufacturers and supplier of medical devices in the world. As part of Mindray Global, Mindray North America offers easy-to-use and affordable products for the healthcare industry. The company has obtained the CE Mark, TUV ISO9001/13485 Certification, and FDA Clearance for the medical equipment provided.

Mindray North America covers three business segments, including patient monitoring, in-vitro diagnostic products and life support products. The company distributes medical equipment in 80 countries worldwide. Mindray North America has offices in the UK, US, Italy, Belgium, Central and Latin America, Middle East and Canada. With over 4,000 employees, this industry-leading company focuses on developing innovative products for medical professionals.

At Mindray North America, customers can choose from a broad range of products such as patient monitoring systems, medical imaging systems, veterinary equipment, and hematology analyzers. Some products can be purchased online through the company's website. The experts who work at Mindray North America provide maintenance and repairs to help clients ensure uninterrupted patient services. They use the highest quality service parts and diagnostic software to replace and repair medical devices.

The company manufactures and distributes a variety of medical devices, including innovative patient monitoring systems with a modern user interface and integrated wireless capabilities, clinical chemistry analyzers that can run up to 330 tests per hour, and fully automatic hematology analyzers featuring a large color LCD display and 13 pre-determined animal settings for veterinary use. Customers who are interested in any of these products can request a demo and additional images.

Mindray North America provides customers with anesthesia delivery systems featuring up to three spacious drawers, dual flowmeters for oxygen and nitrous oxide, auxiliary air flowmeters, and color display. The line of products also includes easy-to-use central stations equipped with an intuitive layout, flat panel touch screen and bidirectional bedside alarm tracking system.

Customers can buy ultrasound systems that can be used in a wide range of clinical applications, including cardiology, urology, obstetrics and podiatry. These innovative medical devices feature a lightweight design, a high resolution monitor offering exceptional visibility, a backlit keyboard and on-board workstation. Other key elements include a multi-frequency transducer and an open communication platform that allows quick data transfer. Mindray North America offers detailed information and brochures for each of the products available for sale.

The company caters to veterinarians too, providing state-of-the-art diagnostic systems and monitoring devices. The selection consists of hand-held pulse oximeters with audible and visual alarms, and monitoring systems featuring built-in thermal printers and optional built-in anesthesia gas bench. Mindray North America sells matching accessories for each of these medical devices, including air hoses, lithium ion batteries, protective covers, and mounting brackets.

Customers are encouraged to participate to the patient monitoring seminars sponsored by Mindray North America. The company provides advanced technical and clinical training classes for biomedical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians and clinical technicians. The participants who attend the seminar and pass the final exam receive a Certificate of Completion.