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Edan H100B Vital Signs Monitor

The Edan H100B Vital Signs Monitor is a pulse oximeter that includes an RTC display on an LCD screen. Small and user-fri...

Edan H100N Vital Signs Monitor

The Edan H100N Vital Signs Monitor is among the most trusted devices in the industry. When medical professionals need a...

Edan M3 Vital Signs Monitor

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Edan M3A Patient Monitor

Vital sign monitors are used in hospitals worldwide to monitor a patient's temperature, pulse rate, and other vit...

Edan M50 Vital Signs Monitor

The Edan M50 is a quality, state-of-the-art vital sign monitor that provides reliable readings in a variety of clinical ...

Edan M8 Vital Signs Monitor

This cost-effective, flexible vital signs monitor provides reliable monitoring of patients in a variety of medical setti...

Edan M80 Vital Signs Monitor

The Edan M80 is a high-performance vital sign monitor engineered to a level of quality and reliability that meets the de...

Edan M8A Vital Signs Monitor

The Edan M8A Vital Signs Monitor is perfect for the clinic or hospital that needs to be able to keep track of all of its...

Edan M8B Vital Signs Monitor

Choosing the Edan M8B Vital Signs Monitor for a medical office, clinic, or hospital is an excellent way to make certain ...

Edan M9 Vital Signs Monitor

Suitable for providing monitoring that can be trusted in an operating room, critical care unit, or a neonatal intensive ...

Edan M9A Vital Signs Monitor

Every hospital needs an Edan M9A Vital Signs Monitor. These high quality monitors are essential for tracking patient inf...

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Edan Instruments was founded in 1995 in Shenzhen, an important electronics center in China. Now, with more than 800 employees, the company is one of the leading medical-monitoring equipment manufacturers in that country. Their primary products, fetal monitors, electrocardiographs, patient monitors, and ultrasound machines, are found in hospitals across China.

Edan began exporting its products in 2003 and soon found success in international markets. They export to over 125 countries, including the U.S. And Canada. Any foreign medical equipment sold in the U.S. must first get FDA approval. Edan maintains a list on its website of instruments that have received this approval.

Instruments marketed in Canada must get a medical device license from Health Canada. Most Edan equipment has been licensed in Canada.

The company maintains marketing and service centers in all of the countries in which they do business. Edan's strong sales force and high-quality products make it a leading competitor in the medical monitoring market worldwide. After-sales troubleshooting can be performed by technicians in local sales centers, or by phone or email.

Edan is one of the top 200 Chinese companies and has been recognized by Forbes Magazine because of their growth potential. Forbes called Edan Instruments "the best mover of the year" in 2008. They are ranked 27th in the Red Herring Asia Awards list.

The company makes 10 different types of fetal monitors, including several with screens for visual display. Other fetal monitors include a comprehensive fetal monitoring network to allow intensive care monitoring of several patients at once and the very basic Sonotrax pocket Doppler to allow cost-effective, portable fetal monitoring.

ECG machines made by Edan offer either paper or digital recording. Most are capable of electronic analysis of the results. Almost all have screens for visual display of several leads at once. In addition to several ECGs designed for monitoring resting heart function, they make one stress, or exercise, machine that is compatible with most cardiac treadmills.

Several patient-monitoring systems are available for emergency and intensive care rooms. These units include screens that simultaneously display heart rate and rhythm, temperature, and oxygen level. Other patient monitoring tools include pulse oximeters and vital signs monitors for blood pressure, pulse and temperature.

Their M50 portable patient monitor and their modular patient monitoring system both won a Red Dot Award from the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany in 2011. This international award is given annually to recognize high-quality product designs.

Edan also makes vascular assessment devices including transcranial Dopplers to measure cerebral circulation. A hand-held vascular Doppler device allows for diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease as well as arterial and venous disease.

They have both portable and cart-based ultrasound scanners that are effective for OB-GYN or urology. These scanners are also used for visualizing abdominal masses.

In addition to human monitoring equipment, the company has several products devoted to veterinary monitoring. These products include veterinary ECG's, veterinary ultrasound scanners and veterinary patient monitoring devices.