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Criticare eQuality 506DN Vital Sign Monitor

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Criticare Systems Inc. (or CSI) has been in operation since 1984. The company is headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin and has been since its inception. Criticare is also a subsidiary of Opto Circuits Ltd. of India.

Criticare specializes in patient monitoring systems for every conceivable application in the medical community across North America and the world. Its systems are made in units that are both large and small to suit every possible setting there is.

Moreover, Criticare's units are made in many different styles so that customers can get only the monitoring device they need without the hassle of dealing with monitoring settings that are superfluous. Criticare's devices are manufactured in the following categories:


Respiratory Care

Pulse Oximetry

Vital Signs

Central Stations


Anesthesia units are designed to monitor the patient's inhaling and exhaling of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and anesthesia gases during a procedure. These units come from Criticare in two different models.

Respiratory care machines are made in the same way that anesthesia machines are made because they measure the input and output of gases by the patient. This can help with breathing treatments and other procedures.

Pulse oximetry units can measure the amount of blood in the patient's blood stream in real time. Criticare's cutting edge units use digital technology, which is the first of its kind on the market.

Machines that provide vital signs are common in just about every hospital, medical clinic, and doctor's office. Criticare's vital signs machines come in five different models, and they measure everything necessary. These machines measure NIBP, IBP, ECG with Arrhythmia and ST Analysis, respiration, SpO2, pulse rate, temperature, and CO2.

Criticare's central station units can be linked to all the other Criticare machines on a floor or in a facility. The 16-patient screen allows for the remote monitoring of multiple patients at once. These units can be used in conjunction with any other Criticare product, and the stations themselves can be combined if more monitoring is needed.

Criticare also manufactures sensors for every unit that they produce. Finger sensors for adults and children, ear sensors, adhesive sensors, and soft sensors for adults and children. These sensors are compatible with all of Criticare's units and can be ordered in bulk for easy access.

The company also offers Criticare Connect solutions. It is a software management program for use on all of your Criticare machines. It can connect any unit with a laptop or PC so that information can be quickly communicated from one place to another, and it eliminates the need for excessive cabling.

Criticare's products are capable of linking all of your monitoring devices together, and they come in multiple models so that each facility has options.

Criticare's commitment to quality and customer service offers up the best machines on the market to fit any medical monitoring need. Moreover, having the ability to do all of your patient monitoring with one company allows for better patient experiences.