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Welch Allyn Connex 34XFHT-B Vital Signs Monitor

A handheld vital signs monitor, this model is designed for use in a triage environment or on hospital rounds. Featuring ...

Welch Allyn Connex 34XXHT-B Vital Signs Monitor

The Welch Allyn Connex 34XXHT-B Vital Signs Monitor combines ease of use with accuracy. A vital sign monitor easily carr...

Welch Allyn Micropaq 406 Vital Sign Monitor

The Welch Allyn Micropaq 406 Vital Sign Monitor is a mobile vital signs monitor that attaches to clothing. If a patient ...

Welch Allyn Spot 42XXX-E1 Vital Signs Monitor

Founded in 1915, Welch Allyn is a major supplier of vital sign monitors, blood pressure management equipment and stet...

Welch Allyn Spot 450X0-E1 Vital Signs LXi

The Welch Allyn Spot 450X0-E1 Vital Signs LXi is the best medical equipment on the market for recording accurate bloo...

Welch Allyn Spot 45XX0-E1 Vital Signs LXi

Welch Allyn manufactures vital sign monitors, gynecological examination tools and thermometers. Welch Allyn Spot 45XX...

Welch Allyn 53000-E1 Vital Sign Monitor

The Welch Allyn 53000-E1 Vital Sign Monitor is ideal for emergency departments, urgent care centers and outpatient cl...

Welch Allyn Atlas 61NO Vital Sign Monitor

Welch Allyn has been manufacturing hospital patient monitoring systems and vital sign monitors since 1915. Welch Ally...

Welch Allyn Connex 6300 Vital Signs Monitor

With minimal buttons, this vital signs monitor is a basic model that cannot be upgraded. It is the perfect combination o...

Welch Allyn Connex 63XXXE-B Vital Signs Monitor

With a touch screen display and only minimal buttons, this reliable vital signs monitor is used in neonatal, pediatric o...

Welch Allyn Connex 65XXXX-B Vital Signs Monitor

A basic unit, this vital signs monitor is equipped with four host USB ports that support accessories. An internal wirele...

Welch Allyn Propaq 802LT0N-0E0 Vital Sign Monitor

Welch Allyn is known for quality, durability and advanced technology. This famous company maintains its reputation w...

Welch Allyn Propaq CS 9001-001002 Vital Sign Monitor

The Welch Allyn Propaq CS 9001-001002 Vital Sign Monitor is a small, lightweight and durable monitor appropriate for use...

Welch Allyn Propaq Encore 9002-001002 Vital Sign Monitor

Meeting the highest quality standards, this vital signs monitor is rugged enough to be approved for use in both ambulanc...

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In 1915, Welch Allyn began offering medical devices to assist physicians in providing superior patient care. The company's corporate office is located in Skaneateles Falls, New York, and has since grown to encompass 26 countries and boasts over 2,500 dedicated employees. Welch Allyn is a private, family-owned company that has been in the same family for four generations.

Welch Allyn's founding occurred when Dr. Francis Welch and William Noah Allan collaborated on the invention of a handheld ophthalmoscope in Rochester, NY. In 1924, William Allan invented a proctoscope and sigmoidoscope which significantly extended the company's offerings in medical devices. Welch Allyn has always taken careful measures to be certain that its products are durable and long-lasting, through precision engineering and rigorous testing. Many products feature technologically-advanced impact-resistant ABS material, fiber-optic reinforcement and flush mounting. Welch Allyn is constantly improving and expanding its product lines to meet customer needs.

Welch Allyn has earned a reputation as an industry leader because of its commitment to patient care and innovation since its inception. Welch Allyn equipment is known for its reliability, long-lasting quality, and strict specifications. Integrity has been a major component of the company's fabric from the beginning, and Welch Allyn demands honesty, integrity and professionalism from all of its partners. Welch Allyn is committed to abiding by state and federal laws and has adopted corporate policies that are compliant with all legal requirements.

Further, Welch Allyn takes seriously its role as leader in the health care industry with several corporate programs for advocating social responsibility. Its employee volunteer program, community outreach and global goodwill programs are all effective in helping to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

The company has always sought to improve since its beginning, expanding product lines with new inventions that added convenience and freedom to physicians, developing new manufacturing techniques, and leading the industry with quality care to its employees, even pioneering a benefits program in 1950 that was retroactive to cover all employees for the twenty years prior, something unheard of in the industry at the time.

Some of the vast array of premier products available from Welch Allyn includes ear, nose, and throat products, stethoscopes, blood pressure management, weight management, cardiopulmonary equipment, defibrillation supplies, lighting solutions, thermometry, patient monitors and monitoring systems, women's health, endoscopy, replacement parts, veterinary supplies and the partners in care services.

The partners in care services consist of tools to help manage busy hospitals and active medical offices with features that improve response and turnaround time, ensure correct maintenance and calibration, kits for service and parts, tech training via the Internet, improvements to software, services accessible from outside locations and a service tool to help businesses improve their patient satisfaction. The partners in care services ensure that client needs are met as efficiently as possible while increasing the flexibility of providers and fully meeting health care needs. Welch Allyn is fully dedicated to assisting medical providers with improving patient care.